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Reception Reports

This feature aims at showing on the map the dish sizes that allow a good reception of a beam,
updated upon your own reception reports. Your specific comments for each beam are also available under the map.

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page

  Beam: Nordic
frequencies: Thor 3  

Detailed reception reports and comments about this beam:

2012-10-07 12:46:19nadhir (-,0cm) ? huyèu

2010-04-15 06:57:37nordligvind (43.6N-26E,85cm) Signal très fort.

2010-03-31 15:08:48veressbeni@yaho (-,170cm) romania,mures

2010-03-31 15:08:10veressbeni@yaho (-,170cm)

2010-02-19 01:14:39misalove (-,168cm) ? i am a good looking girl

2010-01-31 19:11:19Quantum (42N-24.6E,95cm) Extra strong signal from this transponder.

2009-07-28 18:59:39technivision (43.8N-4.5E,100cm) ?

2009-06-10 12:44:20280251 (-,50cm) ? réception très bonne;claire pas de comentaire

2009-05-22 02:05:06machmouchi (37.6N-22.5E,130cm) no signal for tv sweden in greece with 1.3 m dish any help

2009-02-08 22:11:02emilam (40.2N-17.1E,80cm) Ottimo segnale in prov. di Taranto (Italia)

2009-01-10 15:32:41diablo_cool (35.6N-10.7E,180cm) No signal I'm in tunisia

2008-12-16 21:22:48greg (-,0cm)

2008-12-12 14:32:03ovi24 (41.5N-3.7W,0cm) Em alentejo sigbal0 nãoseapanha comoatenade 120

2008-04-25 12:11:32stefanovskijord (-,90cm) ? 40-20

2008-04-03 14:39:15annabona (-,0cm) ? lat40,5 long16,5 cm85 very good signal in puglia,italy.attenzione alla polarità. se non ruotate l'LNB non ricevete un cazzo.

2008-02-18 14:26:21BIGCOSMAR (40.5N-16.7E,80cm) CARE SUNTGRADELE DE MONTARE

2008-01-22 19:28:15nikilauda81 (46N-18.3E,100cm) ? ??????????????

2008-01-22 19:27:07nikilauda81 (46N-18.3E,100cm) ? how to find thor3 frekvenci

2008-01-22 19:23:58nikilauda81 (46N-18.3E,100cm) ?

2007-02-14 17:50:42carine (45.7N-4.1E,80cm) ?

2007-01-08 15:41:11toio (45.8N-13.3E,80cm) VERY GOOD SIGNAL , OTTIMO SEGNALE

2006-10-17 22:16:32mbortola (-,0cm) ? Good signal - 0.2dB GT Sat GT-LST40 LNB

2006-08-29 17:10:33mbortola (-,0cm) ? Average signal with some transponders and practically no signal with others (80cm dish and 0.3db LNB)

2006-07-01 11:45:44mbortola (-,0cm) ? qq peut me donné le diametre exacte de la parabole pour avoir les chaines nordic en algerie..? merci.

2006-06-28 13:50:08mbortola (-,0cm) ? bien marche

2005-12-16 14:54:21mbortola (-,0cm) ? OK reception between 40% and 60%

2005-10-05 09:15:20mbortola (-,0cm) ? very good recepcion here in Croatia with dish 95cm

2005-08-02 01:08:31danielionel (36.6N-2.5W,90cm) it is not this beam in south of spain

2005-07-22 13:28:31matthias.brack (-,65cm) excellent reception at 49 N / 12 E (Bavaria)

2005-07-08 23:04:38SchOX (67.7N-15.1E,70cm) All Chn on 1W/0,8W/5E with Raven70

2005-05-07 16:52:14walid20150 (33.5N-7.7W,110cm) no signal in morocco

2005-05-07 12:15:41STAK (33.4N-35.3E,200cm) ? Frequency 12322 is received with up to 40% quality in Tyre S. Lebanon. Parabol, Anderson Offset hydroformed aluminum antenna, 203cmm

2005-03-28 10:00:39adriancon (44.4N-26.6E,80cm) Bucharest, FocusSat 80 cm dish 0.4db LNB Vector C/N=12db -37dbm with Nokia receiver

2005-03-13 20:42:26barosan (41.3N-1.7W,110cm) cum pot receptiona satelitul

2005-01-02 20:58:57VALENCIA (39N-0.9W,110cm) ? no veo coordenadas de ESPAÑA si alguien me puede decir que plato hace falta para recibir el THOR 3 en VALENCIA por favor avisarme

2004-12-17 11:53:08SuperArcan (43.8N-27.3E,110cm) Bucuresti(ROM) THO003KU-it is OK 50-60%, THO002KU -no signal.

2004-12-15 19:35:04Jeps (63.2N-23.2E,72cm) Nou ongelma

2004-11-17 15:02:15 (52.6N-6.1W,100cm)

2004-10-09 15:57:55Mike G1SBN (53.5N-1.4W,90cm) Breaks up - very borderline signal

2004-09-16 11:17:35pate (61.3N-27.7E,80cm) Good reception with 80cm dish here in Finland

2004-07-29 19:44:54Akomatik (43.4N-4.3E,80cm) pas de signal à marseille

2004-06-25 15:27:03Zexy (44.6N-18.9E,120cm) ? Very very bad signal in Belgrade dish 120cm 2 lnb's Invacom 0.3db :((((((((((

2004-06-25 13:56:41colin_312 (53.5N-2.1W,100cm) stong signal 87%

2004-05-06 11:45:34serge2_5 (46.5N-4.2E,80cm) certains transpondeurs comme 12226 v 28000 ne sont pas reçus pourquoi?

2004-05-05 14:28:33chund (35.1N-5.6W,110cm) ? do you catch signal from morocco?

2004-04-13 15:49:34johntie (40.5N-22.6E,140cm) ok all

2004-03-23 10:35:44xsapatos (45.7N-5.4E,80cm) low signal 30 % max polarization H, and nothing on vertical poloarization , why this difference ?

2004-02-26 22:50:57souhil (34.6N-0.2W,150cm) algeria no signal with 150m

2004-02-26 22:50:25souhil (34.6N-0.2W,150cm) algeria no signal with 150m

2004-02-26 22:49:48souhil (34.6N-0.2W,150cm) pas de signal depuit l'algerie avec une parabole de 150m

2004-02-08 08:54:12 (50.4N-3E,100cm)

2003-12-29 16:11:24Dodgy (54.6N-4W,90cm) 100% Signal Quality 82% Strength On Kiosks - 0.3Db Invacom LNB

2003-10-13 07:16:39Rado (38.2N-0.4W,110cm) ? Estoy en Gandia/Valencia/.Recibo solo 30% de señal. 0.4 LNB.

2003-10-09 08:20:37khaled osman (29.6N-30.8E,240cm) can not receive most of the frequency !please advise . thanks

2003-10-08 20:32:15sat freak (43.2N-17.4E,110cm) kiosk-19-25%;canal+ 0% LNB 0,8db

2003-08-15 13:11:55dxn (39.9N-9W,200cm) No signal

2003-06-19 20:04:40levi (52.7N-6.6W,80cm) i m living in Dublin,i have a 80cm dish, what size of dish i need for a good reception of thor , sirius and turksat

2003-06-04 07:36:02papasoft (40.5N-22.5E,185cm) GREECE HUMAX 5400 INVACOM 0.3 QUALITY 100%

2003-04-17 01:02:54ivo kolev (40.4N-3.4W,160cm) no se coge nada-35% solo.....

2003-04-13 17:40:21Torque (53.2N-9.4E,60cm) Clean reception here in Hamburg/Germany! Cheers!

2003-04-09 23:28:34stduf (50.5N-2.3E,75cm) good reception

2003-03-31 20:49:09SLO-DIGY (45.9N-14.2E,95cm) good with 95

2003-03-27 23:51:54satdud (43.5N-16.5E,105cm) need 105 dish for this beam 50%

2003-03-26 22:49:45duck77 (38.6N-24.2W,180cm) no digital signals and a weak analog signals

2003-03-02 19:20:11lebucheron (43N-5.3E,120cm) ? ok 100%100 les chaines en clair sud france

2003-03-02 19:19:43lebucheron (43N-5.3E,120cm) ? ok 100%100 les chaines en clair

2002-12-13 17:10:29GSt Limerick (52.3N-8.4W,120cm) Can get lock on Analogue 11727V on a clear morning with a 0.3dB LNB, but no lock on 11747H No lock anywhere on digital. No lock anywhere with 0.7dB LNB

2002-12-04 19:06:04Radostin (41.9N-1.6E,90cm) Puedo cojer Tor 3 i tor 2 en espanya Estoy cerca de Barcelona en mannleu concreta mente escribid me en po r favor

2002-11-26 21:12:01pete (63.2N-26.6E,88cm) good signal

2002-11-16 13:53:57m3000 (36.5N-9.9E,120cm) aucun signal recu

2002-10-19 20:42:52Satelliweb (43.2N-5.2E,100cm) Signal faible mais suffisant pour la plupart des transpondeurs. Seuls ceux en 7/8 posent problème (pas d'image ou image pixellisée)

2002-10-17 11:27:30samyr TUNISIA (36.8N-10.2E,140cm) bizarre ce sat ....aucun signal.:-(

2002-10-06 14:02:17James (53.3N-1.2W,120cm) Strong signal, about 70%

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page


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