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Reception Reports

This feature aims at showing on the map the dish sizes that allow a good reception of a beam,
updated upon your own reception reports. Your specific comments for each beam are also available under the map.

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page

frequencies: Turksat 2A  Europe

Detailed reception reports and comments about this beam:

2013-12-30 23:43:13landry1414 (50.4N-0E,90cm) tres bonne reception

2013-12-01 19:04:16ernest.olldashi (50.9N-4.2W,40cm) Chosa devo fare!?

2013-11-23 21:43:23Predrag2 (-,105cm) ? 1oo%

2012-09-22 19:06:09dennmtr (37.7N-21.5E,90cm) ? @all

2011-11-25 12:14:12giuseppe2 (42.5N-3.2W,80cm) españa,vitoria señal 81 calidad 48 cnn turk 10804

2011-03-01 21:42:57MoNoToN (-,100cm) euro star, euro d and more of d-smart and digiturk 100 % signalquality, show turk 70-85%, atv avrupa 80-100% with 100cm dish and normal lnb in berlin

2010-12-26 00:53:07antonello38 (45.3N-7.4E,125cm) Ottimo segnale con un 125 con tutte le condizioni meteo

2010-09-21 22:07:03kamelop (40.3N-1.4E,80cm) ? muy buena señal (barcelona), Good reception

2010-09-20 19:55:23mapfrero (-,0cm) ? en Alicante,(Tibi), con 80 cms. Turksat 3a nada de nada

2010-09-16 15:24:33GUEDES-42 (-,100cm) ? Olá a todos eu gostava de saber se posso receber o Turksat 2A / Turksat 3A (42°E) nem Portugal com uma antena de 80cm ou com uma de 100m obrigado

2010-08-27 17:27:56CLAUDIO01956 (41.1N-13.4E,120cm) La mia latitudine e la mia longitudine sono 45° 52'N , 12° 34'E ricezione molto buona canali georgiani

2010-05-07 14:12:07tahiriela (-,0cm) salut svp pas de signal sur rabat ( latitude 34.01 longitude 6.83) demande confirmation merci

2010-03-23 14:13:26chema53 (39.1N-7.6W,120cm) No se ve en Badajoz

2008-08-29 22:41:07lassaed (35.3N-11E,100cm) hi

2008-08-29 22:40:24lassaed (35.3N-11E,100cm) hi

2008-08-04 21:52:17Jedin (64.5N-21.1E,110cm) Good signals

2008-07-19 16:25:38godmaster (51.7N-0.6W,43cm) ? Sky Minidish Zone 1 with Thompson Standard LNB here, receiving 80 channels off 2A West Beam. D-Smart 100%, TRT 85% most other channels 60% SQ. Good margin for rain-fade with some loss in heavy rain.

2007-12-11 12:34:49satman15 (-,80cm) ? ma latitude & ma logitude sont45.13n 2.23e je recoit tres bien toute les chaines de ce faiseau .

2007-09-18 20:05:01jocala (43.1N-3.6W,90cm) ? algunos canales europa

2007-09-18 20:04:01jocala (43.1N-3.6W,90cm) ?

2007-08-28 17:19:29astraltrader (50.4N-3.4W,100cm) ? VG reception on most transponders...

2007-02-15 02:55:42EASO (43.2999-2W,80cm) ? Recepción excelente de este satélite en Guipúzcoa.

2007-02-02 15:43:22SatelliteHero (41N-27.8E,90cm) very good signal with 90 cm dish

2007-01-08 20:51:53ciccioba (40.7N-17.4E,100cm) ? nessuna ricezione con goldbox in genere,con humax5400 anche canali con SR bassi...

2006-12-06 13:49:46F5BAR (-,0cm)

2006-12-01 19:16:40trofense (41N-8.3W,80cm) razoavel trofa-porto-portugal

2006-11-09 19:12:03mbortola (-,0cm) ? pas de signal...lievin pas-de-calais 62....

2006-10-30 21:29:20mbortola (-,0cm) ? Turksat perfect with 80 cm motorized system and Technomate 1000 d super + 0,2 LNB.Over 70% quality.

2006-10-07 22:43:33mbortola (-,0cm) ? Very good signals

2006-06-21 14:39:25mbortola (-,0cm) ? 70-85% Signal Q. on West Beam, 45%-60% from S1 Spot Beam. Impressed!

2006-03-23 20:20:07mbortola (-,0cm) ? Turkey Manisa dish:90 signal:90-100

2006-02-02 14:24:29mbortola (-,0cm) ? sehr guter Empfang

2006-01-30 13:33:41mbortola (-,0cm) ? I can't see any channel 42°E,please help me!

2005-12-18 19:48:37mbortola (-,0cm) ? 60cm LZ5WG Beograd OK 2 of 3 footprints than EAS001S1

2005-12-18 00:26:55mbortola (-,0cm) ? LZ5WG BELGRADE 11.752V sr4557 100% 60cm

2005-12-01 12:38:46mbortola (-,0cm) ? kan ik met 110cm schotel ayna tv ontvange?

2005-10-31 13:28:21mbortola (-,0cm) ? very good signal 80%

2005-09-20 20:20:42mbortola (-,0cm) ? excellent signal

2005-08-25 22:43:41mitsu (41.9N-1.5E,150cm) senyal ok,60% amb echostar AD 2000IP

2005-07-29 17:54:25maxico81 (52N-4.6E,100cm) Rustavi 2, Imedi and Georgian TV sometimes have no signal.

2005-07-29 17:53:26maxico81 (52N-4.6E,100cm) Rustavi 2, Imedi and Georgian TV sometimes have no signal.

2005-06-26 13:25:35Mrozus (52.3N-14.7E,125cm) excellent all signals

2005-03-22 20:41:38Turku (60N-22.2E,110cm) very good reception 9/10

2005-02-19 22:51:02volcano (40.7N-29.4E,90cm) ? Excellent 99% signal reception almost in all weather conditions with 0.3 Hyundai universal Lnb and Hyundai Hyd-dc 300 Digital Sat. Receiver

2005-01-19 00:43:50Manchester (53.2N-2.2W,110cm) changed LNB from 0.6 APLC to Invacom 0.3 single, west & S1 beams now very strong, clear even in rain/ heavy cloud

2005-01-12 01:04:55Manchester (53.2N-2.2W,110cm) I simply do not understand why most of the channels use the weaker S1 beam and not West

2004-12-04 17:52:44HappyZGZ (41.4N-0.5W,120cm) on Humax 5400 P=37% Q=75% 11.805V SR=24444@5/6

2004-11-03 08:52:19titovich (36.6N-4.3W,110cm) not signal

2004-08-30 08:34:35andy (51.8N-0.1W,110cm) chainsaw needed to receive this bird :o(

2004-05-13 20:10:09fernando (41.4N-8.3W,1cm)

2004-05-13 20:09:22fernando (41.4N-8.3W,1cm) good,reçeption

2004-05-13 20:07:27fernando (41.4N-8.3W,1cm) sinais.razoaveis

2004-05-13 20:04:08fernando (41.4N-8.3W,1cm) repcion.razonable

2004-05-08 13:39:13ozzy (48.4N-10E,85cm) ? good

2004-05-08 13:38:33ozzy (48.4N-10E,85cm) ? good

2004-03-19 11:53:37Acma (37.5N-36.9E,90cm) All channels are excellent

2004-03-13 14:38:59Steve (32.5N-34.9E,110cm) Excellent reception with 99% signal on most transponders

2003-12-28 23:27:35wirus (52.8N-18.9E,60cm) good signals

2003-12-24 16:30:35Jozsef S. (58.2N-15.6E,90cm) Good reception. Malmslätt/Linköping

2003-11-02 15:30:20remak (45.4N-4.6E,100cm) Good reception/reception correct/resim net

2003-10-31 00:15:13kirpi76 (44N-3.5E,95cm) arkadaslar lutfen yardim edin bu siteyi anlayamadim lutfen

2003-10-13 00:11:18manchester (53.1N-2.1W,110cm) most channels 85%,no pic on Nr1TV,Star 73% but no pic most of the times

2003-08-18 21:41:22blueboy (49N-2.2W,100cm) Brilliant reception. 85% strength 100% quality.

2003-08-15 12:31:06dxn (39.9N-9W,200cm) This bird is weird because sometimes have good signal during the day but at night have no signal at all

2003-06-09 15:30:33digisat (68.6N-16E,140cm) good signals

2003-06-02 18:58:40UK Midlands (52N-2.2W,100cm) Very good reception

2003-04-24 19:50:00A.K. (64.4N-31.9E,115cm) Good reception. some channels work only during day time

2003-01-31 16:38:16Nottingham (52.7N-1.6W,120cm) Beginning to be worth the long trip...Excellent promo with channels listed...there is intelligent life here, Scotty, beam down the women!

2002-10-17 11:33:55samyr TUNISIA (36.8N-10.2E,140cm) very good reception 9/10

2002-08-11 22:48:02csapo (31.9N-34.9E,180cm) ?

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page


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